The Anokhi Community


The purpose of authentic spirituality is to awaken to the true Potential of Being human. It’s not to change who we are or become something other than we are. It is to Realize Who we are.


Anokhi is a Hebrew word meaning, "I AM."

The intention of the Anokhi Community is to provide spiritual guidance in a safe and sacred space for your own journey of Remembering, of Awakening, an opportunity to come Home to your own I AM-ness.


The Anokhi Community is dedicated to supporting each person’s authentic Awakening to this essential “I AM” Identity through spiritual teachings, practices, engaged discussions, and sacred ceremony.


Commitment to our own Awakening, especially within a supportive community,  has the unique potential to bring healing to person and to planet in the service of greater Love, Compassion, Peace, and Wholeness.



We invite you to join us!


The Anokhi Community





Every First Saturday at 11am-12pm PT 


Our monthly workshop launches the Spiritual Focus of the Month with teachings, discussion, small group experiences, and practices.


This experiential workshop provides essential spiritual wisdom that will unfold in unique ways through all the offerings of the month.


Every Sunday a Teaching via email


This teaching expands on the Spiritual Focus of the Month and provides opportunities for reflection and serves as an entry point for discussion during Monday Office Hours.


The teaching also includes journal prompts and/or suggested practices to explore and enhance your personal spiritual journey.


Every Monday from 12:00-1:00pm PT


Tovah and Ted offer a brief teaching and lead a discussion based on the weekly Sunday email. We encourage lively and engaged conversation to further explore the Spiritual Focus of the Month.


We then invite any and all spiritual questions. This is a unique opportunity to ask your personal spiritual questions directly to Tovah and Ted.


Every Monday at 6:30-7:30pm PT


Meditate in Community from the sanctuary of your own home. A consistent meditation practice is essential in quieting the mind to allow fuller Realization of our True Nature.  


The enhanced energy of group meditation uplifts your own personal conscious awareness and elevates the collective consciousness of all of humanity.  


The Second Friday of every month 

Start Time: between 5:30 to 7:30 PT (varies according to Sunset). See dates and times HERE. 


Share in Community as we celebrate the Unbounded Shabbat Consciousness through a unique Shamanic ceremony.  Honoring the traditional symbols of Shabbat as touchstones to open to our full Human Potential. With teachings, song, chant, meditation, and sharing, with Joy and Beauty, we elevate our Community Consciousness to better bring the Shabbat blessings of Peace and Healing into the world.


Together in Community, we share the Spiritual dimensions of Shabbat Consciousness - true Awakening.  


Every New Moon at 6:30-7:45pm PT

(see New Moon dates here)


Join together in vibrations of sacred chant followed by the silence of meditation. Through Four Sacred chants, we honor the Four Directions and the natural rhythms and cycles of Mother Earth and the Moon.

We open to the unique energies offered by each New Moon. The Newness of a Moon symbolizes our own empty readiness to embody that which we are ready to invite into our lives.


Members receive discounts to all Anokhi classes, retreats, and special programs like High Holy Days and Passover that we offer during the year.

Also, The Anokhi Community members have free access to our additional occasional events such as Full Moon Ceremonies, Chanukkah, and other special occasions.




In the joy of teaching together, Tovah and Ted share the resonance and synergy of their teachings. These energies amplify and accelerate greater Spiritual Awakening for their students.


In the energies of their co-teaching, Tovah and Ted bring a balance and unification of dynamic and magnetic energies. In this sacred and safe container, students have a unique opportunity to be guided and supported in their own Inward Journey to know their full Human Potential. 


Tovah Zev, in her unique blend of deep gentle compassion, clarity and wisdom, joy and a bit of playfulness, is a true “Bringer-of-Joy" and an "Evocateur-of-Souls”.


Rabbi Ted's passion has always been the exploration of Consciousness. Through his wisdom and experience, he shares his evolving realization of Oneness. With gentleness and humor, he deeply affirms the integrity of each individual being. 


"I am in deep gratitude to both of you for your wisdom and ability to share in words something that is beyond words! 


You are both magnificent is supporting me in capturing the essence of the wisdom.  It’s making a huge difference. 


I love being a student of both of you and am so blessed."


Robin M










"They say the teacher arrives when the student is ready to listen. I have learned so much from you both. It's not only your words, it's standing near your vibration that shows me what is possible.


You are a powerful team...a perfect combination of energies.


I am so grateful. It has changed my life just the short time I have been with you. I feel like a different person. I feel like a better person with the ability to choose how I want to feel and be in this world. That's an amazing gift!  It all seems so simple now, why did this human make it so complicated?"


Nancy C

"What a gift you both imparted. No words can suffice: “wow” comes closest. The spiritual erudition, the clarity, the genuine presence and your in-the-moment reaching and finding words that communicated spiritual depth and wisdom: “wow” again.


Not to mention (well, I’ll mention it) what a revelation to witness the synergy of your co-teaching. Thanks to both of you."


Ken S


We want to make membership accessible to anyone committed to their spiritual evolution. We offer a sliding scale because, while we want to be inclusive, we depend on those of you who are able to contribute more substantially. 


Please give thoughtful consideration to the value that we offer and to the highest level that you are able to pay. Your contributions allow us to continue our essential work of elevating Consciousness.  


All price points provide 100% access to The Anokhi Community Membership Platform.

At the current time, ALL Anokhi events are via Zoom.









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